Slavs, Germans, Jews: Migrations, borders, experiences

Slavs, Germans, Jews: Migrations, borders, experiences

Call for papers

Slavs, Germans, Jews: Migrations, borders, experiences

To bepublished by the Journal:

Ricerche slavistiche. New series: Monographic issue 2024.
Edited by: Roberta Ascarelli, Ramona Pellegrino, Laura Quercioli


Ideally relating to the volume of Ricerche Slavistiche “Strange connections. About the coexistence of languages and cultures in Central Europe” published in 2023, this monographic issue is also dedicated to centuries-old coexistences. This time it is the Jewish component that acts as a pivot, and mediates between Slavic and Germanic elements.

The research moves along several paths:

  • from the purely linguistic one, Yiddish being the most obvious reflection of this cultural triangulation,
  • to literature: starting, for example, from the memoirs of Salomon Maimon, a large part of which describes – in German – the situation in Poland at the time, or Falkensohn Beer’s autobiographical notes,
  • to the figurative arts – again by way of example, expressionism arrived in the Slavic countries, and in particular in Poland, thanks to the action of Yiddish avant-garde groups.
  • Historical or sociological and cultural proposals that highlight Slavic genealogies in the German-Jewish or Austrian-Jewish constellation will be considered, as well as
  • stories of individual intellectuals or artists who, being active in the Slavic territories ruled by Austria or Prussia, opted for Slavic rather than for the dominant German-speaking culture.
  • Contributions dealing with the Ukrainian cultural area will be particularly welcome.
  • The period covered goes from the beginnings of Haskalah (late 18th century) to our present day.

It is further specified that

  1. the contributions must have a Slavic relevance, i.e. they must deal with a topic (an author, a work or a series of authors and works, or a cultural-historical, an artistic, and/or a literary phenomenon) in the Slavic field, of course with reference to the presence and relevance of the German-speaking, Yiddish, and in a broad sense Jewish components in the Slavic cultural-historical world, and
  2. since “Ricerche slavistiche” is a linguistic, literary, and cultural journal, it hosts contributions of historiographical or sociological character and content when these are set out in a manner that is compatible with its nature (e.g. contributions in the field of sociology of literature).

Please mail your proposals (no more than 1500 characters), accompanied by a short CV of approx. 600 characters, to one of the following addresses:,,

Papers accepted for publication must be submitted by 31 December 2023. The paper cannot exceed 45,000 characters, spaces including. The languages of publication are Italian and English.

Authors who are not native-speakers should have their work linguistically revised before submitting it.